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South Carolina Video Production, Photographer, Graphic Designer
South Carolina Video Production, Photographer, Graphic Designer
  • John Muse
  • Charleston
  • South Carolina
  • (843) 438-1372

John in a nutshell…

Passionate Designer
Oklahoma born and raised
Lived in Louisiana long enough to make a mean crawfish boil and étouffée
Now call South Carolina my home
Own an unhealthy amount of Beatles and aviation memorabilia
Have two beautiful children; a high school teacher and filmmaker
Landed dream job out of school with Boeing Aerospace
Once a 3D modeler and animator running DOS on I386 PC

My work is my brand.  Hardwired to reach higher than expectations. I have comprehensive experience with all aspects of video production and post-production. Proven ability to handle a variety of projects and work under high-pressure deadlines. I bring a broad industry experience in the field of photography, graphic design, audio, and video.

When inspiration does not come, I go for a walk, go to the movie, talk to a friend, let go... The muse is bound to return again, especially if I turn my back!

— Judy Collins

Isn't he wonderful? It's like he's everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

– Overheard while filming behind-the-scenes.


2006 - Present

GoMuse Productions, LLC Ravenel, SC 2017–Present Lafayette, LA 2006–2017


  • Owner/Operator Video production studio providing motion/graphic design and photography for broadcast and online content
  • Lead Designer in the re-branding of New Orleans Pelicans Arena concessions
  • Display designer for several local University Athletic Programs
  • Motion-graphic designer of various digital displays for select NFL and NBA Stadium LED Screens

2000 - 2012

IEM, Inc. | Raleigh, NC 2011–2012 Baton Rouge, LA 2000–2011

Senior Videographer & Multimedia Designer

  • Multimedia Designer, editor, and motion graphics compositor for all corporate marketing, training material, front-end web development, and product demonstrations.
  • Led team of designers, audio/video specialists, and programmers in development of online training sites for US Homeland Security Department
  • Served as producer, co-director, cameraman, video editor, and motion graphics designer for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Installation Protection Program presentations and for the New Jersey Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government (COOP/COG) online training program.
  • Video editor for the US Army Materiel Command’s award-winning “Outstanding Initiatives in New Media”
  • Video editor and sound designer for the S. Army’s Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE) Virtual Battlespace Systems simulations.
  • Served as producer, co-director, cameraman, video editor, and motion graphics designer for mock newscast reports for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Planning Directorate’s Preventing Terrorism pilot workshops across the country.
  • Task Lead/Designer/Videographer for the Chemical Security Awareness online interactive training program produced for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  • Responsible for graphic support of IEM’s proprietary software, including the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) Cooperative Agreement Narrative Report Generator and the D2-Puff dispersion modeling software.

1989 - 2000

McDonnell Douglas & Boeing Aerospace | Altus AFB, OK 1995–2000 Norman, OK 1989–1995

Lead Videographer/Designer

  • Managed the conversion of analog Computer-based training (CBT) material to Digital Interactive Discs for the USAF C-17 Aircrew Training
  • Coordinated team of designers in re-authoring training courses to Authorware Platform
  • Develop new training processes, budget, process requirements, employee evaluation, vendors, and sub-contractors in support of C-17 training bases across the country
  • Videographer and designer for C-17 Aircrew multimedia training materials

Skills & Knowledge

Core Competencies

Adobe Photoshop 98%
Adobe Premiere95%
Adobe Illustrator98%
Adobe After Effects94%
Adobe InDesign 88%
Adobe Lightroom75%
AVID Media Composer75%



Canon EOS 100 MarkII, Canon 6D, Panasonic AC130, DJI OSMO, Sigma, Tamaron, Rokin, and Canon glass…


Sennheiser Lavalier pack, RODE (Boom) NTG2, RODE VideoMic Pro, AKG wireless handheld mic, ZOOM H4N recorder, Tascam recorders…


HDMI monitors, 3 ft slider, 4 ft Glideshot crane, soft and LED lights, tripods, light stands, Speedlights…

Day-to-Day Specialties

  • Project Management
  • Industry Standards and Technology
  • WordPress Web Design
  • Digital Signage Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Corporate Photography
  • Point-of-Sales Display Banner Design
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Print Design
  • Photo manipulation/retouch
  • Blu-ray and DVD authoring
  • Band Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Kickstarter Campaign Videos
  • Behind-the-Scenes Documentation
  • Wedding Video Production
  • Commercial Videos
  • Industrial Demos
  • Sports Arena Ribbon Animation
  • Corporate Video Services







  • Rusty


    John Muse is aptly named. John brings stunningly creative solutions to otherwise mundane business graphics challenges. He’s never “over the top” – but pushes the design envelope as far as he can within specs. I was given an assignment by the local operations branch of on of the world’s large pharma companies to develop a presentation for the branch manager to deliver at a worldwide meeting. Our charge was to “make her look good.” John stepped up and produced a factual work with other-worldly effects. That branch manager now heads European operations in Amsterdam. John has always delivered – on time. And, he’s a pleasure to work with. He’s the best. The very best.

  • Doug

    Dir. Software Engineering

    John Muse is someone you can always count on to get work done with tight schedules. John has always put in the extra hours to get projects done on time with great results. He has always provided high quality videos and flash work that exceeds the needs of customers we worked with. I’ve really enjoyed working with John over the past six years. He is one of those people you can count on to perform excellent work.

  • Jerry

    IEM, Manager

    I’ve managed hundreds of people over the years, but if I had to pick the easiest to manage, it would be John. For many people that work ethic and easy going demeanor would be enough to make him a top performer. John, however, is an artist and he has an artist’s eye. Whether he is shooting a video, making a graphic for a report, designing a logo, or a piece of artwork to hang on the wall, his ability to professionally present the product with a consistent style is almost magical. Especially if you see some of the napkin sketches he starts with.

  • Neeraj, Ph.D

    Director of Software Engineering

    I have known and worked with John on a regular basis for 10 years now and I can say with supreme confidence that I have not met a multimedia designer or Videographer that is more capable than John in my entire career. What makes John unique is the combination of both technical skills in videography and multimedia design combined with an incredibly gifted eye for aesthetics and this is something you don’t always find in one person. In my experience, everything that John has ever touched turns into gold and is of the top-most professional quality, whether its videos, graphic art or any other multimedia artifact that I ever needed from John during my tenure at IEM.

  • Summer

    Assoc. Professor

    John is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve ever worked with. He never failed to produce amazing products under tight time constraints, with direction from multiple stakeholders, and he never quit until the job was done. He’s knowledgeable and talented, but most of all, it was his unfailingly positive attitude that made working with him a genuine pleasure.





Associate of Applied Science-Technical Illustration


Eastern Oklahoma State College

Associate Degree - Fine Arts

  • Numerous web development and design courses
  • Various courses in digital video training
  • Sony Institute of Applied Technology Course
  • LightSpeed Productions Video Training Course
  • Louisiana Film Workshops for Filmmakers and Digital Cinema


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"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." John Lennon